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K-12 Educational Initiatives
For the past several years, SEFW has made great effort to partner with STEM high schools in Washington. Initiatives have included a popsicle stick bridge building competition, a balsa wood bridge building competition, and FIRST Robotics team mentoring.  In each event, SEFW volunteers have helped familiarize students with structural engineering concepts. SEFW is continually seeking relationships with new STEM programs in the area, and educators are encouraged to contact us with opportunities for funding, mentoring, and other assistance.

Check out this incredible Vimeo video made by the Mead School District that highlights the SEFW-funded popsicle stick bridge competition in 2016.  

SEAW Outreach Committee
SEFW is proud to support the SEAW Outreach Committee, which is tasked with promoting structural engineering among local K-12 students. SEFW and SEAW representatives attend multiple STEM Expo and Career Fair events annually, exposing thousands of students to structural engineering. The committee partners with Washington Alliance for Better Schools and actively plans for speaking engagements, volunteering, and mentoring opportunities. Sign up online to volunteer with the SEAW Outreach Committee.

Washington STEM partnership

In 2014, SEFW partnered with Washington STEM to better educate local students about structural engineering. Through this partnership we funded and staffed several field trips to sites around the city, including the Seattle Center. Students learned about the structural engineering secrets for the KeyArena, Space Needle, Pacific Science Center, and more.

How incredible to have civil and structural engineering, including a high-profile firm and project in Seattle, featured on CBS....
SEFW was pleased to fund multiple scholarships for the Structural Engineers Association of Washington in June, including...
In partnership with the ACE Mentor Program of Washington, SEFW was pleased to fund a $5,000 scholarship for a high school senior....